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not_my_jesus's Journal

NOT MY JESUS - An Anti-Bush Community
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NOT MY JESUS is an Anti-Bush Community that strives to keep the liberated mind awake during a dark time in our political history. Help us track the truth behind the Bush Agenda and Evangelical movement that keep culture wars alive at home and abroad.


1.) Accepted Topics
Items that are posted within this community must be ON-TOPIC. We will make NO EXCEPTIONS. All posts deemed off the subject of our community will be deleted. A few accepted topic examples are:

-- Anything dealing with the negative effects of the Bush administration ranging from the Environment, Propaganda, War and Social Issues.
-- Separation of Church and State Abuse.
-- Questions and discussion of current events in politics.
-- Sharing of Political art,satire and media.
-- Discussions on how the Bush policies have effected you.
-- Information about upcoming Liberal related events.

I will give no warning prior to post deletion; so if your topic is deleted and you feel it should have been accepted, you may feel free to e-mail the administrator sanx and discuss it with me.

2.) Image and LJ Cut Standards
IMAGES | Posts containing images must follow these next few guidelines or the post will be deleted without notification: If a post contains more than one image, all but one must be placed under an lj-cut. Images that are larger than 400 pixels in width, and 550 pixels in height must also be placed behind a cut.

PLEASE USE LJ-CUT TO LIMIT ALL POST SIZES TO UNDER 6 INCHES IN LENGTH. We like to keep the page filled with as much political goodness as possible. Use lj-cut to keep your front end post size down and help keep NOT MY JESUS all pretty and clean.

3.) Community Etiquette
All members must be respectful of other members. We enjoy healthy debate but we kindly ask that you voice your side with a mannerly tone. We welcome the a right-wing point of view in the COMMENTS ONLY. However, we ask that you refrain from using overly generic stereo-typed insults such as "Liberal Scum" or "Elitist God Hater". Use all the four letter words you like but we don't like childish name calling here. If an argument crosses a common sense line of etiquette, it will be deleted.

This site is not meant to be a place to bash religion. We respect the beliefs of others. The title NOT MY JESUS is meant to expose the hypocrisy of the average Bush supporter who claim, for example, that "God is in the White House" yet seem to have no problem with the 100,000+ Iraqi civilians killed in Bush's War in Iraq.

NO AUCTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED ON NOT MY JESUS. This includes ANY descriptions, images, and links. Don't try and be clever. We'll catch ya.

Moderators reserve the right to delete any post that is deemed inappropriate, even if it is not addressed in the rules. You may e-mail the moderators if you have any questions regarding the rules.

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